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Plastic medicine bottle packaging to enhance competitiveness
Source:Jinghuayaobo Time :2015-12-15 PV:

Plastic medicine bottle is gradually replace glass medicine bottles, to market in the process of the main stream, all is not so unlike plastic medicine bottle manufacturers think resilience. In fact, a new way of packaging materials and are beginning less plastic medicine bottle packaging. The new way of packing with plastic what medicine does not have some advantages, for plastic cosmetics bottles of medicine market formed the impact and action.

Plastic bag is better than medicine bottle packaging more succinct, lower capital more convenient way of packing, at present this kind of packing has been widely used, but the plastic bag problem is not to repeat the sealing. Other is blister pack, the acrylic bottles packaging is capsules class wrapping using very high frequency over the years.

New type of pharmaceutical packaging, of course, there are many kinds of pharmaceutical packaging revealed abundant packaging market, facilitate the consumers. For plastic medicine bottle manufacturers also formed the battle. Need plastic medicine bottle manufacturers constantly to improve lack and weakness of itself, to enhance the competitiveness of itself.

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